Being different; standing out from the rest…hopefully.

I have yet to read my ABA journals and get up to date on the current legal events.  I’m sorry, it is on the list I promise.  However, I did do something today that I think will be helpful on getting out of the unemployment trench.  I revised my resume a little bit, but not how you think.   I put a QR code on it.

BOOM!  That is a huge QR code!  It’s not really that big on the resume though, that would be weird.  I do not know exactly how useful it will be for potential employer’s when they scan it and find my LinkedIn profile, but usefulness was not my primary goal when I did it.   I put this QR code on my resume to BE DIFFERENT from all the other resumes; to stand out from the rest.  Well, at least I hope it is different.  Who knows, maybe everybody is doing it and I’m just finally catching on.  Hopefully this is not the case and interviewers will be curious and impressed about the strange looking box at the top of my glorious resume.  If anything, it is worth a shot; I don’t think having it will hurt my resume at all.

I do have a question to you though: does the QR code look better centered or off to the side?

So please take the poll here and we will see how this goes.

Last week I got to put my suit on and go downtown to do some work for the firm I help out from time to time with (I left the satchel at home).  It was nice just being down there, in the hustle and bustle of the legal community.  Some people shy away at the whole downtown atmosphere with attorneys at every crosswalk, briefcases in one hand, Starbucks in the other.  I am not one of those people.  I love it.  Just being down there makes me feel at ease, like this is where I belong.  It also makes me feel smart.  That sounds silly, I know, but it really does have an influence on how I carry myself.

Speaking of putting on my suit and going downtown, I have a few interviews lined up for the next couple of weeks.  One is a telephone interview, which I have never done, and the other two are in-person.  I am a little weary regarding the phone interview just because I do not know what to expect.  I somehow have to get my outgoing, people person personality across the phone….this will be a challenge.  If anything, it is good experience and I am sure it will prepare me for other challenges that are in store for me.  In a similar analogy, it is like all the people that you have dated in your life. You learn from them, you know what you liked and what you did not like, and you apply that to the next person.  This process keeps going until you find THE ONE who is all the things you liked, minus all the things you did not like, plus a little something extra.  I’m not sure my wife likes this analogy that she is all the good from my ex’s, but I think it makes sense, and really, that is all that matters, right?  Lol.  So back on track here, all the experiences from job hunting are meaningful, even the bad ones.  We learn from what we did, we apply what we liked to the next experience, and hopefully do not apply what we did not like, and in the end, we have the perfect interview, and hopefully the perfect job.

Alright, off to go read up on current legal events!


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