About Me

Pretty much my entire life I contemplated being a lawyer. That is sick right? I grew up watching Matlock, and was constantly told from my parents that I was destined to be a lawyer because all I did was argue. After a a life altering event happened, I knew I wanted to be lawyer.  Well, I am 32 years old, I have a regular house in the suburbs, a gorgeous wife, two amazing boys, a chocolate lab, a tabby cat, a turtle and a juris doctorate degree. I’ve hit every obstacle one could possibly imagine in fulfilling my goal to become an attorney, but I’ve never given up. Going along with that theory, my graduating class of 2011 is the all time lowest graduating class to get a job out of law school. Needless to say, I am unemployed. In being unemployed, I have had some time to read lots of “self help” guides in obtaining employment. Over and over again the advice to start up your own blog has come come up, so here I am. Blogging about my life as an unemployed juris doctorate. Enjoy.


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