And then there was two….


Day number two of having a blog.  I have to admit, it is exciting.  Like a new toy that you just got, sitting out there, waiting to be played with.  And I’m impressed with the WordPress support staff; there was a problem with my blogs posting to my twitter account, they had it fixed in a matter of hours.  So yea, I think I’m liking this blog thing; who needs a job when you can blog!  Ummmm yea, that is not going to work though, especially with all the things I have planned for this thing called life.


So, like I said in yesterdays blog, I apply for anything remotely similar to what I went to school for.  This has ended up to include job postings for secretary positions.  For these secretary positions there is a written exam that you have to take in order to get to the interview stage.  The first test I took was about an hour and twenty minutes from my house, one way.  I did not know what to expect, went in there to wing it.  Fortunately I passed the test, unfortunately and quite depressingly, I was not invited back for an interview.  Apparently I was “over qualified.”  When another secretary position opened up for the city in which I actually live in, I of course applied.  This time, instead of there being 15 people applying for the sole secretary spot, there was about 150 for three, yes, three spots.  However, I was not the only male as I was the first time I took the test in the distant city; this time I think there was about five guys.  The whole thought that all these people were hoping to land a spot for one of THREE open positions is scary.  You have to distinguish yourself from everyone else.  You have to stand out.  You have to be THE ONE.  Because “there can only be one,” right?   So how do you do this?  I don’t know, I’m trying to figure that one out myself.  I just got the results back from this past secretary test, apparently I passed and will be invited for an interview.  So I have to stand out, and I don’t think being a male secretary is the kind of “standing out and distinguishing yourself from the rest” they are looking for.  So we will see, I’ll think of something.


Up until going to law school, life was a walk in the park for me, or easy as pie as the lovely pic shows.  Since law school, I’ve been beat up, spit out, and stepped on.  Nothing was easy about it.  My wife tells me that it is so hard because this is the one thing that I want in life, so I’m going to have to work like crazy to obtain it.  It makes sense. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Prior to graduating law school, I interned as a prosecutor.  It was by far, hands down, the best thing I ever did in law school.  I absolutely loved it.  I would love to work there RIGHT NOW, only that I went to law school in a different city in where I live now.   That is a whole other story which I will tell another time.  But, the reason for me bringing this up is that I would love to work in a public firm again.  The rush of going into court, being there to ensure justice is obtained, presenting your case in front of your peers, grabbing ideas and objecting to opposing counsel on the fly, always being on high alert, and my favorite, the closing statement.  Being a prosecutor allows you to go first, and last with regards to closing statements.  The reason being that the prosecutor (the state) has the burden of proof, so it should be allowed to go first, and also rebut the defense’s closing argument.  It almost seems that having two chances to do your closing is a bit of an advantage, but in reality, you are the one who has the burden of proof.  And in criminal cases (which is all I had; 14 trials) the burden of proof is at its highest: proof beyond a reasonable doubt.   So yes, your voice is the last voice that the jury or judge (depending on whether it is a jury or a bench trial) hears before deciding the fate of your case.  After a full day of trials, back to back to back, it is as if you just ran a marathon.  It seriously is such a mental workout, you feel exhausted.  But just like a good physical workout, it is a good type of exhaustion.  It is addicting.  So you go back, and do it all over again.  Speaking of which, I need to join a gym or something….

And of course, joining a gym or just plain exercising is on many of the “what to do when you are unemployed” lists.  So that is something that I need get to.  To be honest, I started running.  It was great, having that good sore feeling.  I was even running in my vibrams, which of course made me a professional runner.  But I just stopped doing it for some reason. I need to get back into it.  If anything my dog Charlie misses it.


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